Parents, Teachers & Friends (PTF)

IGS has an engaged, friendly and innovative PTF.

This group is actively involved in the community with the purpose of connecting parents, caregivers and teachers, supporting student and teacher-led initiatives, and providing community services.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to volunteer with the PTF as a rewarding way of contributing to the IGS community. Activities and events are coordinated by the PTF Committee.

PTF objectives

  • Connect parents, caregivers and teachers through School Community Meetings, whole-school social events, and year group social events organised by the PTF representatives.
  • Support student and teacher-led initiatives including International Day, literacy activities, STEAM incursions, sustainability projects, student well-being events and music ensemble concerts.
  • Provide regular community services such as the annual Primary Disco, recycling of second hand uniforms, textbooks and musical instruments, lost property sorting and traffic safety.

PTF School Community Meetings

School Community Meetings are an invaluable forum to learn what’s going on at the School. They provide an opportunity to discuss important issues with the School’s leadership team in a relaxed atmosphere.

Staff members representing curriculum, pastoral and other interests are invited to attend and discuss matters of interest to the parent and caregiver community. Topics are developed by the PTF in consultation with the School.