Unleashing potential, on and off the field

The IGS Football Development Program is in full swing and is here to turn our students’ passion for the game into a lifelong journey of excellence. The program places a strong emphasis on skill development, encouraging students to consistently build on their capacity in training sessions. This dedication not only builds a solid foundation in football knowledge but also instills valuable life lessons of discipline and commitment.

Complementing this positive culture is the outstanding coaching team, led by Mr Walid Baghdadi, and supported by Mr Dragas and Mr Scheihing-Vasquez. These coaches provide students with a comprehensive education that goes beyond the game, focusing on teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship. The intention of this program is not only to produce skilled footballers but also well-rounded, responsible, and disciplined individuals.

The program is on every Wednesday from 7-8am at Wentworth Park. For more information please contact Mr Baghdadi, Assistant Head of Sport and Outdoor Education, via email at walidb@igssyd.nsw.edu.au.