New classroom for 4 Blue

IGS students benefit from flexible, functional, engaging learning spaces.

In the Imaginarium, glass walls have appeared, furniture arrived and technology is up and running.

What first appeared as a glass tank has been transformed into a vibrant and exciting space allowing for individual, small group and whole class learning.

Bespoke personalised pillows, storage cubes for resources, a “Tree of Learning” (salvaged from last year’s production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and comfy noise-reducing rugs were added to create the brand new 4 Blue classroom; a room fit for IGS learners and teachers.

Home class teacher Catherine Swinton has welcomed 4 Blue into this exciting space.

“More spaces are on the job list to open up and continue to improve our facilities. An outdoor space will offer decking and a huge wall for collaborative mural making,” Ms Swinton said.