IGS Staff Flourish with Wellbeing Challenge

During Weeks 5-9, IGS Staff competed in a Wellbeing Challenge designed by the Staff Wellbeing Team (Mary Duma, Matthew Bennett and Liz Turner) to encourage good mental and physical health in a friendly, competitive way. Staff members competed both as individuals as in faculty groups.

Wellbeing tasks included things such as:

— achieving 5000 steps two days in one week
— organising a walking meeting with colleagues
— tidying your desk
— getting a good night’s sleep
— doing something just for fun
— taking a moment to reflect on the day

As an additional challenge, an egg was hidden somewhere in the School at the beginning of each week, with hints given to its location. The first person to find the egg was rewarded extra bonus points.

Here are the results:

1. Primary Sport 1. Lucy Haynes
(PDHPE Teacher)
2. Maths 2. Noah Armesto
(Mathematics Teacher)
3. Languages 3. Adrienne Toohey
(Mathematics Teacher)
4. IT 4. Marin Rosandic
(Languages Teacher)
5. Bibliotheque 5. Peter Adam
(Head of Stage 3 / Primary Home Class Teacher – 6 Gold)