Celebrating our Class of 2022

Ivy Ierace has been at IGS since 2016 when she was in Year 6 and is excited to be one step closer to her dream.

For the past two years, Ivy has been hoping to study fashion design, when the field was recommended to her by a former IGS Textiles teacher.

She is thrilled and excited to have been offered a place at the White House Institute of Design.

“I am still exploring the world of fashion. I like unique styles and brands which make different sorts of clothing which are also practical,” Ivy said.

My Major Work is a dress inspired by the 1920s, a black dress with pearl beading, lace and a satin outer with a polyester lining.

Congratulations, Ivy! We wish you and your Class of 2022 classmates all the very best as you finish your HSC and step out into the world!