A feast of language learning

Primary Language Leaders Angelique and Elias had a mission this term, to give language homework a makeover!

Who better to suggest ideas to language teachers than their younger language crusaders?

The incentive was to give Primary language students a week of creativity, variety and spontaneity at home.

For one week students had a break from their usual language homework and enjoyed a cultural, fun activity that included the whole family, reminiscent of one of the better aspects of lockdown.

Some of the many activities included cooking, making food pandas, film and origami.

Year 3 Chinese students explored the appearance, habitats and living habits of pandas. Students designed their own unique pandas and enjoyed creating these pandas with different foods with their parents at home.

”It must be really delicious and hard to eat these CUTE pandas!” said teacher Mr Stephen Gu.

The 75th annual Cannes Film Festival is a film festival that took place from 17 to 28 May 2022. After reading and hearing about the contributions made by famous French people, the Year 6 French Beginner class made their own contributions to the Cannes festival.

“It is not so easy to be under the lights … is it?” said Madam Fallet.

Following a video of a recipe of “Sugo per la pasta” the Year 5 and 6 Italian Beginners cooked up a storm for their family.  Buon Appetito!

Year 4 French students were given a banana bread recipe to cook for homework. They were able to follow a written recipe and also had the option of viewing the recipe online.

Sienna made le cake à la banane and said: “C’est délicieux!”

Year 2 Japanese children created Origami clothing items and presented them in the class.

There were pretty Origami shirts with a necklace, and a Kabuto hat. The students also made a  Japanese environment poster and a Japanese dish すきやき”Sukiyaki” and まきずしrolled sushi.

Year 3 Japanese students explored creating Japanese themed objects and prepared a speech about their creation.

“There were beautiful Japanese tea ceremony equipment with a poster, Japanese Origami creations, トトロ ‘Totoro’ drawing picture, a fun dance using Japanese city names and a video showing how to make  まきずしRolled Sushi!” said Noriko sen-sai.

“It was great to see children enjoying creating Japanese themed products at home and presenting them in the class. Well done, everyone!”

Year 4 German learned about the Berlin Wall and designed their own piece of it.