Sports and Recreation

Swimming for sport at IGS

IGS is near premium swimming facilities

IGS offers a full and broad co-curricular program to provide our students with opportunities and challenges that lead to a rounded school life. Our facilities provide a rooftop basketball court, and we access the nearby Wentworth Park and Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre for sports and recreation activities.


Primary students participate in swimming, athletics and cross-country and can also represent the School in soccer, netball and other sports at regional and state-wide carnivals.

HIgh School students can gain representation in athletics, swimming and cross-country at regional and state-wide competitions and participate in Championship Days in netball, baketball, touch football and soccer. Compulsory sport for Years 7 and 8 takes place Tuesday afternoons with competition and recreational activities such as surfing, skating, soccer, netball, racquet sports and martial arts.

Primary students compete at athletics event

 Our students participate in cross-country and athletics

Primary student doing long jump at athletics carnival

IGS attends regional and state-wide sports carnivals

Primary student playing soccer

Students can represent IGS in soccer and competetive sports

Outdoor education

Students in Years 5 and 6 attend an overnight outdoor education camp. Outdoor education continues in Years 7, 8 and 9 with a progression of increasingly challenging camps, which encourage students to participate and step out of their comfort zone by choice.

IGS students at outdoor education camp

Outdoor education offers increasing challenges

Canoeing at Outdoor education camp

Students participate in challenges by choice

IGS students complete outdoor camp canoeing challenge

Confidence and outdoor skills are developed together


Clubs for Years 1 to 6 run in conjuction with After School Care and offer a wide range of opportunities such as chess, fencing, karate, painting, craft, dance, drama, robotics and Mathletics.

High School clubs run after-school and during lunchtimes and offer activities such as medieval sword fighting, film-making, indoor soccer, origami, scrabble, textiles, cooking and animation.

Other challenging activities for Years 7 to 12 include mock trials, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and drama companies. HICES debating is available for Years 5 and 6 and High School students. Students can also participate in various music ensembles including the School of Rock.

Primary after-school dance club at IGS

Dance club at After School Care

Extra-curricular medieval sword fighting club

Medieval sword fighting, aka 'Smite'

IGS co-curricular drama company

High School drama companies

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