Science and Technology

High School Science students


IGS students tend to be curious about the world around them – this translates to their physical environment as much as their world of languages!

IGS offers a strong Science program with the beginnings of inquiry-based learning in the Primary Years – especially through Electricity projects and Individual Research Tasks in Year 6. Science is a compulsory subject in Years 7 to10 and the students have access to the latest laboratory spaces, equipment and conditions. Senior students continue their scientific journey in Years 11 and 12 with substantial classes in Chemistry, Biology and Physics and several graduate into science-based university courses.

Teachers engage with students in class and beyond with experiments from the sophisticated to the fun. Students also enjoy excursions and incursions, varying from a trip to the University of Sydney’s neuroscience laboratories to a visit from the reptile expert.

Primary Students doing Science experiment

Class learning is extended with Open Nights and excursions

Primary Student science project

Year 6 Individual Research Task

High School Science Student

High School studies include Biology and Chemistry


IGS has kept well-abreast of technological innovation and advantages for teaching and learning. Teachers use interactive whiteboards, data projectors and tablets (e.g. iPads) for learning in the classroom. The School is now moving from school-provided laptops to Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT),  allowing students to choose their preferred devices. The School’s IT section supports students and teachers with their equipment on the School’s wireless-based network.

IGS is also a leader in best practice in Cyber Safety with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) conducting several visits, trials and other collaborative projects at the School over the past three years. Students have an increased awareness of safe access to the Internet and social media as a result of this connection and education.

Bring Your Own Technology at IGS

Technology provides innovative teaching and learning

Students learning technology on laptops

BYOT allows students to use their preferred devices

Early primary student learning technology on a laptop

Students are taught Cyber Safety alongside computer skills