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Monday 1 June

IGS Notices is for the benefit of the IGS community of staff, students, parents and caregivers. It includes details which may be legally privileged and confidential, not to be disclosed externally.

Whole School

2020 – 2021 term dates here **new**

Practical Guide for Sport and Physical Activity (during COVID-19) **new**

All students return in Week 5 (25 to 29 May)  **new**
Please view this IGS Returning to School Guide.

Private music lessons and ensembles  **new**
Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, private music lessons cannot be held at IGS during Term 2. Parents who would like to continue with private lessons for their son/daughter will need to make arrangements with peripatetic staff on an individual basis.
Music Ensemble rehearsals will continue via Essential Elements Interactive, Canvas and SmartMusic for the time being.
We will continue to monitor the situation and keep all parents informed.
Please contact music@igssyd.nsw.edu.au with any specific questions.

Absence  **reminder**
Students who remain at home will only be marked absent if parents and caregivers notify the School that their child is unwell on a particular day.

Canteen  **reminder**
Recess and lunch items may be pre-ordered on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only. No over the counter sales will take place. Students should attend school with a packed recess and lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays. Senior students will be accompanied to Wentworth Park at lunchtimes during Weeks 3 and 4.
Term 2 Canteen changes here
How to order here

Water **reminder**
Students should bring their own water bottles, clearly labelled, and refill them (outside the hall, in the Global Learning Centre and kitchen areas throughout the school). Bubblers will be closed.

Sport and clubs  **reminder**
All on-site (face-to-face) sport and co-curricular activities are cancelled until further notice.
However, the PDHPE Department will continue to provide a range of opportunities for students to remain healthy and active whilst adhering to hygiene and social distance best practice.
For students on campus, alternative fitness programs will be held on the rooftop and other parts of the school during timetabled Sport and PE lessons. This will take place for both Primary and High School students. In Primary School, students will also continue to work through an online 5-week Dance unit.
The IGS 1000 Point Challenge will be utilised to help keep students active, engaged and healthy.

Out of School Hours (OoSH) Care  **reminder**
Supervision for primary students who arrive at school from 7.30am to 8am will be provided as usual, with Primary School staff greeting children.
OoSH Care will continue to function for Primary School students until 6pm daily.
In the afternoons, parents and caregivers are asked to phone OoSH Care staff on on 0418 182 645 as they approach the campus, so that carers can bring their children down to meet them at the gate.

Health and hygiene **reminder**
IGS is following advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and NSW Health on how to best manage hygiene and wellbeing in a school setting.
We will be monitoring the health and wellbeing of students.
Anyone who is at all unwell is asked to stay away from our campus.
In the case of our younger students, please talk to your child over the coming days and discourage them from hugging their teachers.
Please also help us discourage the sharing of food and drinks between students at school, including birthday cakes. At this time, birthdays should be acknowledged and celebrated in other ways.
Hand sanitisers, tissues and cleaning materials will be available in all classrooms. Students should use the sanitising stations regularly and most importantly wash their hands at school. Please help us reinforce this message.
Deep cleaning of classrooms will take place throughout the week.
Cleaning will be conducted through the day on all high-touch surfaces, with daily cleaning and disinfecting of each room.
Windows will remain open across the campus as much as possible.
Hygiene signs will be placed around the campus, with practical tips reminding students to stay safe.
Children who are not well during the school day will be sent to Student Reception. Parents will need to collect them and take them home.

Rooms, timetables and teachers **reminder**
High School students should carry their bag with them throughout the school day rather than using a locker.
Primary students should only have in their schoolbag what they require for the day. The lighter the bag the better.
Timetables and learning locations are being modified to maximise social distancing.
Where possible, your child will have their usual teacher. However, a small number of staff are unable to be present on-site due to a range of COVID-19 related reasons. We ask all families for their understanding and sensitivity as we work through these issues together.

Gatherings  **reminder**
Parent teacher interviews will be conducted by telephone.
If you wish to discuss a matter with your child’s teacher, please do so via phone or email rather than in person.
There will be no face-to-face assemblies or large group gatherings, nor excursions, until further notice.
Social distancing should continue off campus and families should continue reinforcing the strong hygiene messages that are essential during the pandemic.
All instrumental music lessons will continue online until further notice.
Larger classroom spaces have been re-assigned to provide greater distancing between students.
Only two people at a time may use a lift. 

Help stop the spread of COVID-19
The Australian Government Department of Health is encouraging all Australians to download the new COVIDSafe app. It provides official information and advice about COVID-19; provides a snapshot of the current official status within Australia; allows you to check your symptoms if you are concerned about yourself or someone else; to find relevant contact information; and to receive push notifications of urgent information and updates.
If a confirmed case of COVID-19 were to be associated with IGS, the app would facilitate rapid contact tracing, benefiting all in our community.

Keep in touch
If you have any concerns about your child’s learning, please contact Deputy Principal Lisa Kelliher. If you are concerned about your child’s safety or wellbeing, please contact Deputy Principal Mary Duma or our Wellbeing and Counselling Team.

Do we have your up-to-date contact details?  **reminder**
It is important we are able to contact all IGS parents and caregivers. Please use our online contact form, email reception or phone 9219 6700 if you need to let IGS know of any changes to your contact details. 

Change in Uniform Shop trading for Term 2  **reminder**
Ranier requests ordering online at ranier.com.au prior to collecting from store. If you are unsure of the size required, purchase your best estimate online. Can be exchanged for free if required (unworn items only).

For first time users, registration requires the exact student name and student number to be entered and the IGS password (igs2007). Email custservice@ranier.com.au for any problems with registration or visit ranier.com.au/contact.

Collection hours during Term 2: Mondays from 7.30am to 12.30pm and Thursdays from 12.30pm to 6pm.

Please observe social distancing advice (at least a metre apart). Only one family is permitted within the shop at a time. Please expect longer waiting times. Ranier appreciates your understanding and cooperation.

Double demerits **new**
Please note that Friday 5 June is a publicly notified school day, therefore, double demerits will apply to all relevant school zone offences committed on that day. 
Click here for more on Demerit points. Click here for more on staying safe. Click here for more on fatigue.  

IGS 1000 Point Challenge  **reminder**
During COVID-19 restrictions, IGS PDHPE and Sport has launched the 1000 Point Challenge, promoting fitness, skill development, healthy eating and wellbeing.
Take the 1000 point challenge!

Letter to parents and caregivers: School Counselling and COVID19   **reminder** 

Wellbeing resources from the Counselling and Wellbeing team  **reminder**
Parents may wish to discuss COVID-19 with their children with the help of these resources:

From the National Association of School Psychologists here 

From the Child Mind Institute here

From Beyond Blue here

From Parent Line NSW here

Please also see our general age-appropriate wellbeing resources under Early Learning, Primary School and High School. Contact the Counselling and Wellbeing team

Please note that most representative sport is on hold for now due to rapidly changing circumstances regarding COVID-19: Throughout the year there are a number of opportunities for students in Primary and High School to represent IGS at various sporting competitions. The sports that are available are AFL, Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Diving, Football, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Rugby League, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football, Triathlon, Volleyball and Water Polo. 

So that we are able to stay up to date on which students are playing different sports at a representative level outside of school, I would ask that you please complete this form for your child to indicate the sports that they play. This will be used throughout the year to nominate students for ASISSA, CDSSA, AICES & CIS.

If you have any questions in regards to this please contact me at alannac@igssydn.nsw.edu.au 

Volunteering with IGS
We thank our parent and caregivers who volunteer to help with reading and other activities. Please view the IGS Volunteer Policy here. If you shared your Working With Children Check (WWCC) details with IGS last year, you do not need to do so again until your WWCC expires. New volunteers must email volunteers@igssyd.nsw.edu.au with their name (exactly as it appears on their WWCC), their WWCC number and their date of birth. How to apply for a Volunteers WWCC. Please let the PTF know that you would like to volunteer here.

Check the Check!  **reminder**
Tutors or coaches who work with children must have a Working With Children Check. Parents engaging tutors for their children should be asking the tutor to provide a Working With Children Check application or clearance number – then verifying that number online.
Verifying a clearance online is quick and easy and ensures that a Working With Children Check clearance is current.

Early Learning (Preschool & Transition)

1-2-3 Magic Emotion Coaching Program **new**
IGS Parents and Caregivers are invited to join the 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching online program
There are 20 available spots for Early Learning parents. Register and find out more here.

How to explain social distancing to your child  **reminder**
Please watch this 40-second video, kindly shared by Sydney Local Health District. 

Government update on child care subsidy  **reminder**
In response to COVID-19, child care is free. This means Centrelink is not currently paying Child Care Subsidy (CCS).
If you were getting CCS before 6 April 2020, you won’t need to do anything for it to start again when the free child care period ends.
If you recently started using child care, you should find out about CCS.
What is CCS?
CCS helps with the cost of approved child care. Centrelink pays this subsidy directly to your child care provider to reduce the fees you pay.
Who can get it?
To get CCS you need to meet certain requirements. Centrelink will also consider your circumstances to work out how much you can get.
How do I apply?
If you want to get CCS when it starts again, and haven’t already applied, you should submit your claim now.
Find out more about CCS if you’re new to child care on the Services Australia website: https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/news/new-child-care

Please exercise social distancing  **reminder**
In the Early Learning Centre (ELC), we request that one parent or caregiver sign their child in and out of the service, and move swiftly outside and away from the campus.
Please do not bring older children into the ELC. Instead, please ask them to wait quietly for you at the main school gate.
All other parents and caregivers are asked not to enter the campus, nor to congregate at the gates. If you have older children and need to come onto the campus for any reason, you need to sign in at Reception.  

Copy of 9 April message to Early Learning Centre families from Head of School  **reminder**

IGS Early Learning wellbeing resources for parents and caregivers  **reminder**

Planning for learning – What matters most  **reminder**

Early Learning Before and After Care Booking Form 2020  

High School

IGS High School wellbeing resources for parents and caregivers  **reminder**

From Careers: Useful UAC Information for senior students

Please note: Many representative sports activities are on hold for now due to COVID-19 containment measures: Please complete this form for your child to indicate the sports that your child plays at a representative level outside of school. This will be used throughout the year to nominate students for ASISSA, CDSSA, AICES and CIS competitions.

Update on mobile phones and computer games at IGS

PTF - General Items

PTF Activities cancelled/suspended

Consistent with the ongoing public gathering restrictions and social distancing requirements, there will not be any PTF activities during term 2 including PTF Rep organised events. The PTF Committee continues to meet twice a term via Zoom.

We hope that everyone in the IGS Community is keeping well. If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch with the PTF Committee via ptf@igssyd.nsw.edu.au

PTF - Notices for Class/Year Groups