Why a boot camp?

The students in Year 7 got the words, ideas, images, feelings and relationships up on their feet, into their bodies, into a shared storytelling space, in practical, exciting and dynamic ways.

PLAYS are made for PLAYING. The boot camp encouraged boldness, confidence, fun, and most of all, ownership of their creativity. We encouraged the philosophy that 'Lots of people have done this play over the last 400 years, but no one has done it like us!!' They were each part of a hard working, passionate team, creating something they will always remember.

I want our students to love Shakespeare. I want this experience to change their lives. – Shauna Colnan, Principal

Why Shakespeare?

Damien Ryan, Sport for Jove's Artistic Director explains...

These plays are 400 years old. They were written for a different people in a different world. What can they have to do with us and ours?

Shakespeare expressed who we are and how we think, in ways that every culture and every age can find its own reflection. He made family and community the centre of the world and he let us see what happens when we don't pay attention to these things in our lives.

He makes us laugh. He inspires and moves us. He sees what is universal in our lives; and we see how little we have changed, and how much we have to learn. His poetry offers students access to the power of truly great language in action–the potency of words and ideas.

About Sport for Jove

Terry Karabelas, Co-Artisitic Director and Co-founder

Sport for Jove Theatre is an award winning, NSW-based repertory theatre company producing a major touring summer festival of outdoor Shakespeare in Australia, along with theatrical and education-based seasons of classical and new works in Sydney theatre venues. The company also provides an interactive Education program to NSW schools. Damien Ryan and Terry Karabelas are acclaimed Australian directors and actors. They bring with them a team of professional actors to work with our students over an intensive week of learning, culminating in a new performance.

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