HSC Results 2022

Academic Achievements

I am delighted to share with you our 2022 HSC highlights. Our students have worked with drive and determination. Under the guidance of their experienced and dedicated teachers, and with the strong support and encouragement of family and friends, they have achieved so much.

Congratulations and well done, Year 12!

Shauna Colnan
Principal, International Grammar School

HSC Highlights

HSC First in Course

Placing first in an HSC course is an enormous achievement. Students from across NSW who topped the State in a course were announced at an awards ceremony by NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell on Wednesday 14 December. Two of those students were from IGS.

Congratulations to:

  • Jonas Meyer
    Jonas topped the State in German Extension, achieving full marks at 50 out of 50. 
  • Isabella Robaina
    Isabella topped the State in Spanish Continuers with 96 per cent.
NSW Top Achievers 

The following students achieved one of the State’s highest places in an HSC course and also achieved a result in the highest band.

  • Jonas Meyer achieved 3rd place in Spanish Continuers as well as 1st in German Extension. This follows Jonas’s exceptional results achieved through acceleration when he was in Year 11, when he came 3rd in the State in German Continuers, while also topping IGS in Mathematics Advanced with a result of 98 per cent. Jonas is also one of the NSW All-round Achievers with at least 10 units in the highest band possible.
  • Felix Weninger achieved 3rd place in Biology and 7th place in Design and Technology.
NSW All-Round Achievers

Each year, students who achieve results in the top band for at least 10 units of HSC courses are recognised in the prestigious NSW All-round Achievers list. This year six IGS students gained such an honour.

Congratulations to:

Distinguished Achievers
  • There were 56 Distinguished Achievers. These students were awarded 90 per cent or above in at least one course.
Honourable Mentions
  • IGS students received 118 Honourable Mentions for the distinguished achievement of 90 per cent or above in a course.

  • For the second year in a row, an IGS student has topped the State in Spanish Continuers.

  • 100 per cent of students studying the following courses achieved in the top two bands: Chinese Continuers, Design and Technology, German Beginners, German Extension, History Extension, Japanese Extension, Music 2, Music Extension, Science Extension, Spanish Extension.

  • Our students performed above the State in 68 per cent of courses.

  • In German Beginners our students performed 15.04 per cent above the State mean.

  • In Aboriginal Studies our students performed at 14.84 per cent above the State mean.

  • In French Beginners, our results were 10.03 per cent above the State mean.

Outstanding HSC results for Year 11 students

Students may complete HSC courses early via acceleration or compression. We congratulate 37 IGS Year 11 students who completed HSC courses this year.

This is the highest number of Year 11 students that IGS has presented for the HSC a year early. Of these students, 11 achieved results above 90 per cent, with three students achieving 90 per cent in more than one HSC course.

Acceleration in Languages

A total of 27 of our Year 11 students accelerated in Languages. Students accelerated across four languages, in French Continuers, German Continuers, Italian Continuers and Japanese Continuers.

These students achieved a mean of 83 per cent. The highest result, of 93 per cent,  was achieved by Iris McKinley, for French Continuers, followed by Maxime Laurans-Wall with 92 per cent for French Continuers and Charlotte Waley with 92 per cent for Italian Continuers.

Acceleration in Mathematics

Eight Year 11 students accelerated in Mathematics Advanced, achieving an average of 81 per cent.

The highest result was earned by Maxime Laurans-Wall with 96 per cent, followed by Samuel Lightfoot with 93 per cent. 

Acceleration in DANCE

For the first time, an IGS student accelerated in HSC Dance. Jonathan Riesel studied the course with an Outside Tutor.

Jonathan’s Core Performance and Major Study Performance were both nominated for inclusion in the 2022 HSC Showcases as part of Callback. Callback is a selection of outstanding performances and projects from HSC Dance students.

From next year, HSC Dance will be taught at IGS in the new Renaissance Centre.

Aboriginal Studies via compression

A group of ten Year 11 students completed both the Year 11 and Year 12 Aboriginal Studies courses in one year. Their average result was 89 per cent.

The highest result, of 95 per cent, was achieved by Katelyn Clarke, followed by Madison Travis and Charlotte Waley, both with results of 93 per cent.

HSC showcases & exhibitions

Nominated for ARTEXPRESS
  • William Smith: IFIFEELSHEFEELSWITHME (film)
  • Bryn Thomas: The trials of the Avers
Selected for ARTEXPRESS
Nominated for Callback Core Performance (Dance)
  • Jonathan Riesel (Year 11 accelerant): The Rope is Tied (contemporary dance)
Nominated for Callback Major Study Performance (Dance)
  • Jonathan Riesel (Year 11 accelerant): Trapped in the Dark Web (contemporary dance)
Nominated for Encore music composition and performance
  • Madiba Doyle-Lambert: Hinchinbrook composed by Groves and Moore; Synergy composed by Madiba-Doyle-Lambert; Reminiscence composed by Madiba-Doyle-Lambert
  • Jake Mahemoff: Moth hunt composed by Grenfell; Transcendentia composed by Jake Mahemoff; The shady road composed by Jake Mahemoff
Nominated for OnSTAGE group performances
  • Madiba Doyle-Lambert: Rat Redemption
  • Jake Hardiman: The Knights of Oedipus
  • Zara Jules: The Knights of Oedipus
  • Saskia Misko: Rat Redemption
  • Oliver Parry: Rat Redemption
  • Amelie Power: The Knights of Oedipus
  • Deniz Sivrioglu: The Knights of Oedipus
  • Zoe Trenbath: Rat Redemption
  • Nathan Turner: Rat Redemption
Nominated for OnSTAGE individual performance
  • Zoe Trenbath: Gortex jacket inspired by the novel The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (monologue)
  • Eleanor Sharwood: Jana from Superheroes by Mark Rogers (monologue)
  • Deniz Sivrioglu: Pozzo from Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett (monologue)
Selected for OnSTAGE individual project
Nominated for Shape and Texstyle 
  • Holly Matthews: Bound
Selected for Texstyle 

A word about The Sydney Morning Herald school rankings

The SMH defines “success rate” as the number of high scores (90 per cent and above) expressed as a percentage of exams sat. On this measure, IGS was ranked at 83, with a “success rate” of 18.15 per cent. The median “success rate” for NSW schools was 5.47 per cent. Other measures that create a fuller picture of students’ effort and achievement are set out in this summary, and we commend all our students on their many achievements.  

Early University offers

IGS students received 118 early offers to courses in the following areas of study; Society and Culture, Creative Arts, Management and Commerce, Architecture and Building, Health, Engineering and related Technologies, and Natural and Physical Sciences. Congratulations to these students. View more details.  


Course (2-units) № of students % IGS % State % IGS % State % IGS % State
Aboriginal Studies 20 50 15 40 20 5 24
Ancient History 12 17 9 33 25 33 30
Biology 31 16 6 26 20 16 27
Chemistry 13 38 9 8 24 23 31
Chinese Continuers 1 100 41 0 34 0 18
Design and Technology 6 0 13 100 34 0 35
Drama 18 44 21 44 38 11 29
Economics 28 14 15 32 35 36 26
English Advanced 80 9 15 53 53 34 26
English Standard 36 0 1 6 15 50 40
French Beginners 4 75 23 0 20 0 21
French Continuers 19 11 26 26 32 58 27
Geography 22 5 11 55 31 27 31
German Beginners 3 100 33 0 25 0 13
German Continuers 7 29 27 29 30 29 28
Italian Beginners 4 25 23 50 23 0 26
Italian Continuers 10 20 21 30 34 50 35
Japanese Beginners 3 0 10 0 22 100 24
Japanese Continuers 10 10 24 30 34 40 23
Legal Studies 22 14 15 32 26 32 25
Mathematics Standard 2 44 2 7 30 22 27 25
Mathematics Advanced 54 17 23 22 26 26 27
Modern History 30 10 10 17 25 43 33
Music 1 8 0 22 88 48 13 20
Music 2 6 67 34 33 52 0 13
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education 15 0 5 40 21 40 24
Physics 16 6 12 38 29 19 27
Spanish Beginners 3 33 24 33 27 0 30
Spanish Continuers 9 33 15 33 43 11 27
Textiles and Design 9 22 17 22 37 56 25
Visual Arts 30 37 16 43 49 20 26


Extension Course results

    BAND E4 (top)  BAND E3
Course (1-unit) № of students % IGS % State % IGS % State
English Extension 1 18 28 40 67 53
English Extension 2 13 38 29 46 56
German Extension 2 100 62 0 35
History Extension 6 0 25 100 58
Japanese Extension 1 0 45 100 45
Mathematics Extension 1 24 29 35 38 39
Mathematics Extension 2 8 25 40 50 46
Music Extension 2 100 76 0 21
Science Extension 2 0 8 100 71
Spanish Extension 1 0 56 100 34
Course Distinguished Achievers 

Aboriginal Studies

Katelyn Clarke
Sophie Cotton
Oli Goodrum
Lara McCorquodale
Amelia Munn
Carmela Reznik
Harriet Ryder
Madison Travis
Eleni Vlahos
Charlotte Waley
Ancient History
Jake Hardiman
Edward Woodcock
Biology Sofia Eroglu
Pranav Jairam
Grace Mercer
Felix Weninger
Indigo Wills
Chemistry Declan Hazard
Pranav Jairam
Masa Lurie
Jake Trevelyan
Felix Weninger

Chinese Continuers Ruby Dragicevic
Drama Madiba Doyle-Lambert
Jake Hardiman
Saskia Misko
Carmela Reznik
Eleanor Sharwood
Deniz Sivrioglu
Zoe Trenbath
Eleni Vlahos
Economics Jake Hardiman
Aisling Matthews
Jonas Meyer
Jake Trevelyan
English Advanced  Madiba Doyle-Lambert
Kaija Du
Jake Hardiman
Holly Matthews
Grace Mercer
Eleanor Sharwood
Indigo Wills
English Extension 1 Madiba Doyle-Lambert
Aisling Matthews
Grace Mercer
Saskia Misko
Eleanor Sharwood
English Extension 2 Madiba Doyle-Lambert
Jake Hardiman
Aisling Matthews
Grace Mercer
Eleanor Sharwood
French Beginners Felix Gardan
Massimiliano McAuliffe
Saskia Pollack
French Continuers Maxime Laurans-Wall
Iris McKinley
Geography James Walker
German Beginners Thomas Baker
Elke Krassoi
Henry Staiger
German Continuers Oscar Babeck
Samuel Lightfoot
German Extension Max Braun
Jonas Meyer
Italian Beginners Evelyn Paipetis
Italian Continuers Nell Brennan
Charlotte Waley
Japanese Continuers Olivia Stewart
Legal Studies Kaija Du
Grace Mercer
Zoe Trenbath
Mathematics Advanced Archie Dell
Hugo Deutch
Pranav Jairam
Maxime Laurans-Wall
Samuel Lightfoot
Holly Matthews
Eleanor Sharwood
Felix Weninger
Edward Woodcock
Mathematics Extension 1 Declan Hazard
Pranav Jairam
Masa Lurie
Jonas Meyer
Jake Trevelyan
James Walker
Felix Weninger
Mathematics Extension 2 Declan Hazard
Jake Trevelyan
Mathematics Standard 2 Amelia Stamford
Modern History Aisling Matthews
Frederique Sims
James Walker
Music 2 Madiba Doyle-Lambert
Jake Mahemoff
Carmela Reznik
Edward Woodcock
Music Extension Jake Mahemoff
Carmela Reznik
Physics Pranav Jairam
Spanish Beginners Indigo Wills
Spanish Continuers Amelia Maresh
Jonas Meyer
Isabella Robaina
Textiles and Design Holly Matthews
Felix Weninger
Visual Arts Sofia Eroglu
Francesca Harrison
Elke Krassoi
Doon Maclean
Amelia Maresh
Phoebe Martin
Holly Matthews
Grace Mercer
Amelia Stamford
Bryn Thomas
Indigo Wills

As we, class of 2022, move onto the next chapter in our lives, I believe that each of us agree that it is simply not adequate for us to look back on our time at IGS as something in our past.

Having benefited from its embrace, it is our duty to strive, as life-long ambassadors for IGS, to live and spread the incredible values of IGS, and to ensure that all our community members experience some of the beauty that we have experienced here. That is the true measure of our success.

To our parents, you have succeeded. Here we are — not just ticking a box on our way to somewhere better, but happy, thriving, confident, and full of wonderful qualities you instilled in us.

Your priority was our happiness and we have years of happiness, joy and laughter at IGS to look back on. To my Mum and Dad, to my grandparents who are probably on facetime, to my sister, to my best friend Sofia, thank you for being the reason for my happiness.

To IGS, thank you for being my home for the past 15 years, and instilling in me not just a love for learning, but passion and empathy and love.

Thank you for the greatest privilege of being your Head Girl, and Madiba, thank you for being alongside me the whole way.

(This is an excerpt from Zahra’s Speech Night Address at the State Theatre in December 2022. View her full speech.)

2022 IGS Head Girl Zahra Moloobhoy 

With all that’s going on out in the world, it can feel dangerous to be yourself, but at IGS it has felt exciting and adventurous.

We have been given space to safely fall so we could learn to get back up. We have been given the security to fail so that we can know the opportunity that gives us room to grow. We have been given assurance to explore our multitudes and become any and all of the many things we might be, free from judgement.

Throughout my life I have been in situations where I was afraid to be myself, but none of those times were at IGS. In essence, we’ve been empowered to be the best WE can be. IGS handed us a mould – not to fit into, but to break…

The education we have received at IGS – that our parents worked hard to afford us and that our teachers worked tirelessly to give us – is something very special.

We have the capacity to adapt, the courage to act and the heart to inspire others. It’s incumbent upon us to use our privilege to be the change we wish to see in the world. When we do that, we create ourselves a future to hope for…

Year 12, teachers, family and friends, you have made all the difference to my life. Thank you.

(This is an excerpt from Madiba’s address at the 2022 IGS Speech Night at the State Theatre. View his full speech.)

2021 IGS Head Boy Madiba Doyle-Lambert

In closing, and on behalf of the entire IGS community, I warmly congratulate each of our HSC students. While this summary captures some of the academic highlights, we know that there are many other success stories. We commend every member of our Class of 2022, and those who accelerated, on their achievements and contributions to our school community. We wish you all the very best for the future.

Shauna Colnan
Principal, International Grammar School