HSC Results 2020

Academic Achievements

I am pleased to share this summary of our 2020 HSC highlights. In challenging circumstances, our students have worked with resilience for a strong collective outcome. We are so proud of them. Under the guidance of their experienced and dedicated teachers, and with the support and encouragement of family and friends, our students have achieved a significant milestone and can hold their heads high. Congratulations, Year 12! 

Shauna Colnan

Principal, International Grammar School

HSC Highlights

NSW Top Achievers 

The following students achieved one of the State’s highest places in an HSC course and also achieved a result in the highest band.

  • Year 11 student Therese Briganti achieved second in the State in Italian Extension and fifth in the State in Italian Continuers.
  • Amelia Milne achieved third in the state in Italian Extension.
  • Nancy Bertoli achieved fourth in the State in Aboriginal Studies.

  • Amelie Kenney achieved eighth in the State in Drama.
NSW All Round Achievers

Each year, students who achieve results in the top band for at least 10 units of HSC courses are recognised. This year one student gained such an honour.

Congratulations to Amelia Milne for achieving more than 90 per cent in at least 10 units.

Distinguished Achievers
  • There were 60 Distinguished Achievers – students who were awarded 90 per cent or above in at least one course.
Honourable Mentions
  • IGS students received 94 Honourable Mentions for the distinguished achievement of 90 per cent or above. This places our cohort more than 10 per cent above the State on this measure. 
  • 100 per cent of students studying English Extension 1, Chinese Continuers, German Extension, Italian Extension, Japanese Extension, Spanish Continuers and Spanish Extension achieved in the top two bands.
  • In our third year of offering this course, Aboriginal Studies candidates performed at 16.97 per cent above the State mean. In this course, 65 per cent of students achieved 90 or more. 
  • In Design and Technology, IGS students performed 6.08 per cent above the State mean, and two students were nominated for the HSC showcase Shape 2020.
  • In Drama, IGS students performed 8.12 per cent above the State mean, 10 students were nominated for the HSC showcase OnSTAGE and two students were selected.
  • In PDHPE, our students performed 10.04 per cent above the State mean.
  • In Spanish Continuers, our students performed 9.07 per cent above the State mean.

Outstanding HSC results for Year 11 students

Students may complete HSC courses early via acceleration or compression. We congratulate 41 Year 11 IGS students who completed HSC courses this year.

Acceleration in Languages

32 Year 11 students accelerated in Languages. Students accelerated across five languages and eight language courses, in German Continuers, Japanese Continuers, French Continuers and French Extension, Italian Continuers and Italian Extension, and Spanish Continuers and Spanish Extension.

These students achieved a mean of 87 per cent. The highest result of 98 per cent was achieved by Therese Briganti for Italian Extension. Therese also achieved 96 for Italian Continuers, as did Gabriel Garcin for French Continuers and Grace Truman for German Continuers. 

Acceleration in Mathematics

Nine Year 11 students accelerated in Mathematics Advanced, achieving an average of 91 per cent. 

The highest result was earned by Grace Truman with 98, followed by Alex McArdle with 97, and Nika Mikhin at 96.

Aboriginal Studies via compression

For the first time, a group of our Year 11 students completed both the Year 11 and Year 12 Aboriginal Studies courses in one year. Their average result was 90 per cent.

The highest result, of 95, was achieved by Isabel Whitaker, followed by Anya Hayward with 93 and David Thom with 92.

HSC showcases & exhibitions

Nominated for ARTEXPRESS
Nominated for ENCORE 
Selected for OnSTAGE 
  • Amelie Kenney: Critical Analysis Research Project of the 2004 play, A Certain Maritime Incident (CMI) 
  • Eva-Marie Workman: Costume Design for Tartuffe by Molière
Nominated for OnSTAGE 
  • Amelie Kenney: Critical Analysis Research Project of the 2004 play, A Certain Maritime Incident (CMI) 
  • Eva-Marie Workman: Costume Design for Tartuffe by Molière

Individual performance nominations:

Nominated for Shape

A word about The Sydney Morning Herald school rankings
The SMH defines “success rate” as the number of Band 6 marks (90 per cent and higher) achieved by students in a school, expressed as a percentage of potential Band 6 marks or exam entries. On this measure, IGS was placed 96th with a “success rate” of 16.35 per cent. The median “success rate” for NSW schools was 5.47 per cent. Other measures that create a fuller picture of students’ effort and achievement are set out in this summary, and we commend all our students on their many achievements.  


Course (2-units) № of students % IGS % State % IGS % State % IGS % State
Aboriginal Studies 23 65 13 13 16 17 28
Ancient History 16  13 9 31 25 38 30
Biology 24 0 7 29 24 58 32
Chemistry 20 0 13 40 30 50 26
Design and Technology 11 36 16 27 32 36 36
Drama 24 50 19 33 28 17 43
Economics 15 0 13 60 38 13 26
English Standard 26 0 1 15 11 62 46
English Advanced 75 5 14 52 49 35 31
Geography 19 5 13 53 29 16 29
Legal Studies 19 21 15 53 25 16 28
Mathematics Standard 2 23 0 5 13 19 30 26
Mathematics Advanced 53 15 23 15 29 43 28
Modern History 35 0 10 49 27 34 29
Music 1 11 27 22 45 43 27 26
Music 2 3 0 38 67 49 33 12
PDHPE 12 25 9 42 25 25 27
Physics 13 8 13 23 28 31 27
Visual Arts 25 20 17 64 48 16 25
French Beginners 2 0 25 50 27 50 19
French Continuers 15 27 31 53 33 13 22
German Continuers 10 30 25 60 40 10 22
Italian Beginners 2 0 16 0 30 100 28
Italian Continuers 14 36 27 36 31 21 29
Spanish Continuers 2 67 10 33 41 0 29


Extension Course results

    BAND E4 (top)  BAND E3
Course (1-unit) № of students % IGS % State % IGS % State
English Extension 1 10 40 39 60 54
English Extension 2 8 50 26 38 57
Mathematics Extension 1 23 13 38 39 37
Mathematics Extension 2 5 0 36 80 48
History Extension 9 0 21 56 56
Science Extension 4 0 7 25 67
French Extension 4 0 27 75 54
German Extension 1 0 53 100 47
Italian Extension 3 100 57 0 36
Japanese Extension 3 33 44 67 45
Spanish Extension 2 50 7 50 67


Distinguished achievers

Distinguished Achievers are students who receive a top band result – 90 per cent or more. Their names appear on the NSW Honour Roll for Distinguished Achievement. IGS students achieved 94 honourable mentions on this list. 60 IGS students achieved at least one result over 90 per cent.



Distinguished Achievers 


Aboriginal Studies

Nancy Bertoli
Tiger Christensen
Grace Fusco
Anya Haywood
Ava Jenkin
Millie Lamshed
Eve Mitchell-James
Daniel O’Shea
India Pardoel
David Thom
Zara Upfold
Chloe Walsh
Allegra Welsh
Isabel Whitaker
Louis Williamson

Ancient History

Olivia Whitehead
Mia Thorburn

Chinese Continuers

Hayley Dobbin

Design and Technology

Angus Dowling
Donovan Lecours
Jak Sidwell
Otis Taylor


Nancy Bertoli
Angus Dowling
Gabrielle Fitzgerald
Ava Jenkin
Ilse Johannsen
Amelie Kenney
Bianca Kotoulas
Lily McGuinness
Astrid McKinley
Bridget Milkovitsch
Nye Morrison
Teresa Orlay
Zara Upfold


English Advanced 

Amelie Kenney
Bianca Kotoulas
Amelia Milne
Olivia Whitehead

English Extension 1

Hugo Aguilera-Mendoza
Amelie Kenney
Bianca Kotoulas
Amelia Milne

English Extension 2

Katerina Alexander
Amelie Kenney
Zara Upfold
Tom Wilkin

French Continuers

Gabriel Garcin
Alissa Marouani
Henry Menzies
Angelica Ziade 


India Pardoel

German Continuers

Alea Babeck
Grace Truman
Sonia Wustemann

Italian Continuers

Catherine Amoia
Grace Ardino
Therese Briganti
Jamison Power
Giorgia Staiano

Italian Extension

Therese Briganti
Amelia Milne
Tom Wilkin

Japanese Continuers

Nika Mikhin

Japanese Extension

Emi Imaizumi Zhou

Legal Studies

Eliza Brunsdon
Lily McGuinness
Mia Thorburn
Olivia Whitehead

Mathematics Advanced

Ella Bonifer-Engelhardt
Liam Chatterton
Remy Lee
Alex McArdle
Tilli Merten 
Nika Mikhin
Eliot Tompkins
Grace Truman

Mathematics Extension 1

Emil Hasche
Conor Horgan
Amelia Milne

Music 1

Ilse Johannsen
Bianca Kotoulas
Nye Morrison

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Nancy Bertoli
Benjamin Hayes
Otis Taylor


Amelia Milne

Spanish Continuers

Katerina Alexander
Angelica Ziade

Spanish Extension

Angelica Ziade

Visual Arts

Eliza Brunsdon
Grace Fusco
Astrid McKinley
Eve Mitchell-James
Annabelle O’Reilly


“I want to thank the teachers for working so hard and being able to so quickly shift your teaching environment this year, to provide the best opportunity possible for us to learn, despite the initial difficulties you faced…

“I want to thank the IGS staff who have always so graciously given your time to help us when we need you most, or simply be there with a smile.

“And I want to thank the students who have come and gone who have inspired me to be the best version of myself, and to those still coming up who bring endless joy with every interaction.

“The life lessons this school community has and will continue to teach are endless. So, to those who are in younger years, I recommend that you keep your ears open and pay attention to the extremely knowledgeable and passionate people around you. They will be your guiding light.”

2020 IGS Head Boy Parker Floris

“2020 has been a year like no other … and yet, a determined beam of hope shines through our fractured world – the power of what we can do together…

“I remember the first day we came back to school; the familiarity of our warm and supportive community; the smiles of our well-rest friends and excited teachers.

“For me, IGS has always been an oasis from our chaotic surroundings, and inside it there would always be people that inspire me and crave knowledge, there would always be whiteboards filled to the edges with ideas and the imaginations of students, and there would always be teachers willing to validate them.

“I can’t even begin the thank the School for what it has done for me. Thank you to my empowering teachers who have guided me to find my passions and encouraged me to succeed. Thank you to the amazing Class of 2020 … I would not trade you for the world…”

2020 IGS Head Girl Astrid McKinley

In closing, and on behalf of the entire IGS community, I warmly congratulate our HSC students. We wish you all the very best for the future.

Shauna Colnan