English Extension 2 Major Works Exhibition

Take a deeper look at the works of our 2021 English Extension 2 students, notable for their diversity, their depth of insight and their dedication to telling new stories. 

From the teachers


Ms Shauna Colnan


English Extension 2 is a course for dreamers and visionaries. Students take on four units of English during their HSC year and develop an original substantial major work in one of the following forms: short fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, critical response, script – short film, television, drama, podcasts – drama, storytelling, speeches, performance poetry or multimedia.

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MR THOM MARCHBANk and ms susie bolt

English Extension 2 is the capstone of English study in High School, and a shining exemplar of the possibilities of project-based learning. A deeply research-driven enterprise that allows students independence and autonomy, while supporting them with expert advice and mentorship, and allowing them to pursue an area of passion, it is not difficult to see why English Extension 2 is such a thrilling course.

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Aidan Hale

Shower Thoughts

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Aliya Raab


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Anya Haywood


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Clare Rogan

Inner Peas

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David Thom


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Eliot Tompkins

Critical Response to Jorge Luis Borges and the Fading Light

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Esha Patel


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Felix Tonkin

Understanding Evil

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Henry Anderson

The Wanderer Beyond Dusk

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Joseph Manning

Airing Out The Locker Room

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Louis Beaumont

If On A Summer’s Day

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Myles Lambert

Letters for my Father

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Therese Briganti

The Visit

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Tom Gray

Gray Areas

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Zoe Shearer

Verba Florentes

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