Lights, camera, action!

2021 Drama Virtual Exhibition

Take a deeper look at the works of our 2021 Drama students.

From IGS Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito

The Drama cohort of 2021 began their HSC studies with confidence. They had survived the 2020 pandemic and were working towards creating their Individual Projects and Group Performances. Students began work on their Individual Projects in Term 4 2020. The selection of Individual Major Works this year varied from Performance to Film to Scriptwriting, Director’s Portfolio, Theatre Criticism and Costume Design. Students found their area of passion and began the necessary research to bring their creative ideas to life. The Individual Project is a labour of love for the most part. It needs to be, as students work on it for approximately 10 months!

In Term 2 of 2021, the students began their second Major Work, their Group Performance. This requires groups of between three to six students to collaborate together to devise an original piece of theatre. Students created works that ranged in style from clever Absurd dialogue-driven theatre to Physical theatre, Black Comedy, Storytelling and more. Their staging choices drove their compelling narratives. Each group collaborated by supporting one another. They were critically analysing and dissecting the issues and concerns they wished to investigate, and they were in the process of testing their ideas on their peers for feedback. They had worked at school in their holidays. They were almost ready to showcase to a wider audience of students, friends and their families, and importantly perform for examiners. 

And then… they were locked away at home, unable to continue their devising and refinement process. They waited to hear how they could keep working. Some kept refining scripts, but they had no way of testing fresh ideas out on the floor, especially those pieces that required chorus work, singing, physical lifts and balances. It was a disaster on Zoom. And so, they waited… as did their teachers. At first, we wondered how they could perform together if they had to socially distance themselves. Everyone learnt the new meaning of the word pivot. We waited and we pivoted again and again until finally, decisions were taken. Their work was captured on-screen at home and sent in. Students reimagined their home spaces to create an appropriate setting for their Individual Performances. Group Performance work was documented and students spoke to examiners via Zoom about their process, capturing performance moments of their character creations.

Some outstanding work was made. Most importantly though, students worked through it to complete a Drama HSC year like no other. We are very proud of their achievements and only wish the wider community could have seen their performance work live. 

Owing to Copyright laws and the protection of original student work, we can only share photographs of Performances and Projects with some written extracts. You can read student Individual Project and Group Performance Rationales that explain their ideas.

I wish to thank their teachers, Megan Sampson and Ned Manning, for their dedication and inspiration in assisting students to achieve their best.

Congratulations Year 12 you have displayed tenacity and resilience to create wonderful work!

Please enjoy the 2021 HSC Drama online exhibition.

Rita Morabito
Director of Dramatic Arts

Aidan Hale

Performance: Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco

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Catherine Amoia

Performance: A Woman Alone by Franca Rame

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Daniel O'Shea

Performance: Winter’s Discontent by William Zappa

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David Thom

Film: Skin and Bone

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Emilia Ritchie

Performance: The Truth be Told

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Esha Patel

Performance: Orca by Matt Grinter

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Felix Tonkin

Scriptwriting: Fried Chicken and Oysters

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Gabriel Hannan-Moon

Performance: Dracula

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Giorgia Staiano

Performance: Love by Patricia Cornelius

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Hugo Gristci

Portfolio of Theatre Criticism: The Picture Of Dorian Gray, A Room of One’s Own, Two Twenty Somethings and The Linden Review

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Jamison Power

Performance: Bottleneck By Luke Barnes

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Jay Boyd

Performance: New Year's Eve by Jon Brittain

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Jay McAndrew

Performance: Cripple of inishmaan by Martin McDonagh

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Joseph Manning

Director’s Portfolio: Antigone by Sophocles

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Louis Beaumont

Performance: Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo

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Louis Williamson

Performance: Trainspotting by Danny Boyle

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Lucien Katada

Performance: Othello by William Shakespeare

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Maximilian Lauren

Performance: Gloria by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

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Meg Wrigley

Performance: The dead of night by John Marsden

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Monet Bitton

Performance: American Son by Christopher Demos-Brown

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Natascha Haupt

Performance: Shit by Patricia Cornelius

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Orlando Read

Performance: Joy

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Ryan Linton

Performance: Fuel by Robert Reid

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Saskia Vander

Costume Design: The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

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Scarlett Fitzpatrick Lubowitz

Performance: The Hamilton Complex

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Sebastian Brecht

Performance: Miss Julie by August Strindberg

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Aidan Hale, Esha Patel and Jay Boyd

Group Project 1: Milkshakes

Catherine Amoia, David Thom, Jamison Power and Meg Wrigley

Group Project 2: Native Inhabitants of a Foreign Land

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Jameson McAndrew, Hugo Gristci and Natascha Haupt

Group Project 3: Priscilla and Chardonnay

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Gabriel Hannan-Moon, Louis Beaumont, Ryan Linton and Sebastian Brecht

Group Project 4: The Masterful Murder, That Consolidated Cornelius-Decartt: Dead

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Giorgia Staiano, Joseph Manning, Louis Williamson and Orlando Read

Group Project 5: Changes

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Daniel O'Shea , Felix Tonkin, Maximilian Lauren, and Saskia Vander

Group Project 6: The society of Experimental Proverbs

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Emilia Ritchie, Lucien Katada, Monet Bitton and Scarlett Fitzpatrick-Lubowitz

Group Project 7: The Spies

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