A message from IGS Director of Art and Design Drew Bickford

This year, we have been given a powerful reminder that our world is moulded by forces beyond those in our control. As a consequence, creative thinking has come to the fore, with innovation in learning methods and contexts being recalibrated to suit a unique need.

Grace and curiosity in a challenging year

The IGS Design and Technology students have given us creative responses to the challenges of a changing world with both grace and curiosity. Embracing complications such as off-site learning, our students worked with insight, energy and courage. Their works illustrate a defiant personal best and each effort perfectly refutes an imperfect year.

A passion for problem-solving

The Design and Technology cohort have demonstrated a passion for problem-solving in their innovative Major Design Projects. A subject that is intrinsically focused on delivering answers to conundrums, found even greater relevance in the context of uncertain times.

Throughout the year, the students have researched, designed, prototyped and evaluated their way to a sensational end of year finale.

Solution-oriented design processes have informed projects on water safety, mapping, physical well-being and recycling, among other topics. Each portfolio and product were carefully conceived of and executed under the guidance of Ms Isobel Green, and I congratulate all of the Design and Technology students.

This year a number of students completed major practical projects in Design and Technology. This is a significant undertaking and further highlights the creative strength of the IGS student body.

Recognising individual efforts

The creative forces that inspired and guided our students through this year of significant hardship are finally able to be recognised in this online exhibition. Each students’ individual efforts in these creative subjects can today be applauded and acknowledged in a deservedly public manner.

As well as congratulating the students, I would like to acknowledge the hard work of the other Year 12 teachers, Ms Sandra Veljanovski and Ms Isobel Green.

Their long hours in the classroom ensured that our students were well attended to throughout the year. I also extend a big thank you to the broader team in Art and Design; Ksenija Doic, Mark Devine, Sophie Lampert, Michael Bullingham and Marisa Kiethanom for their expert assistance and feedback throughout the year.

Please enjoy the exhibition.

Drew Bickford
IGS Director of Art and Design

Angus Dowling

Title of Major Work: Cricket farm for sustainable protein

Space and water are becoming increasingly limited as both global warming and the world population increase. Getting enough protein in your diet in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion is becoming increasingly harder. The resources most of the world rely on, such as cattle and poultry require such large amounts of these decreasing resources to produce even a small amount of protein.

That is why I decided to undertake a project in which I could develop a product to help combat this issue. The cricket farm for sustainable protein is a solution that I have created, which is designed to create a healthy and sustainable protein that is better for the environment than current meat and meat alternatives.

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Sebastian Du

Title of Major Work: Educational resources for plastic recycling

My major work is an educational program for high school students to understand the future directions for recycling in relation to Licella’s recycling technology.

The aim of my project is to increase awareness of effective recycling methods for the public to induct into society and everyday life for the sustainability of the planet, with a renewable future for plastic pollution. The outcome is that valuable byproducts of oils and gasses for industrial use replace methods of alternate sourcing which prove to be damaging to the natural environment and future of society.

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Anouk Ely

Title of Major Work: Realistic role model doll for modern girls

My major work is a doll that was designed to improve specific issues where other dolls have failed. In response to these specific issues, my doll was designed to have a realistic body type, be ethnically diverse and also be a good representation of a successful women’s career and characteristics. Ultimately, my doll has been designed to give young girls a good role model.

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Riu Fukazawa

Title of Major Work: Plastic recycling system using barcodes

Currently, plastic recycling is an extremely uneconomical process as there is no effective way to identify and differentiate plastic types. Most plastic sorting today is done by hand, an extremely ineffective and costly solution. As a result, only about 5 per cent of plastic waste is recycled in Australia. For mixed plastics from residential sources, recycling is even lower. Most plastic waste goes to landfill.

My solution to this is to use barcode technology to automatically, accurately and economically identify the plastic type of an item. Currently, the system sits on top of the recycling bins in households/apartments. But it could be implemented in a wide variety of environments. This improves upon accuracy and economicality through automation of the process.

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Jack Holden

Title of Major Work: Illustr8 drawing app

An industry I’ve been interested in is the professional arts industry for illustration in movies, comics and video games. This involves concept art and creative direction, however in the last few decades mastery of fundamental drawing skills have dropped everywhere – meaning there are fewer talented artists to fill these job spots.

To combat this I undertook a project to construct an app that provided users with access to easy to understand lessons that teach fundamental drawing skills in areas such as form, value, perspective, anatomy and composition. If this reaches people and gets them interested in improving their skills this could allow for more skilled artists to an industry which is losing skilled workers.

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Harry Keller

Title of Major Work: Portable hobbyist carry case

Many first-party wargame miniature model carry cases are expensive and with only basic functionality. Yet many miniature hobbyists purchase these products despite the failings of the product such as tearing foam, poor ergonomics, little to no customizability and most importantly a failure to protect models to a reasonable degree. These products also rarely facilitate the transport of any other tools hobbyists may need such as paint, dice and rule books.

The goal of my project was to create a product that is capable of safely storing and transporting miniature models. Using acrylic, foam and fabric I have created a case which will arm a hobbyist for a day out wargaming, painting and other hobby activities.

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Donovan Lecours

Title of Major Work: Heads Up Design (HUD) for bicycle food delivery (Deliver-U!)

The rapid growth of online food ordering and delivery platforms has caused a big increase in the number of bicycle and motor scooter couriers delivering food. The couriers depend on their mobile phones for access to the delivery platform and for navigation to the consumer’s address. Mobile phone distraction is the cause of many accidents with these delivery riders on the road.

My solution to this is Deliver-U!, a new and innovative technology which makes use of  head’s up display technology to show the navigation directions just above eye level rather than down at the handlebars – keeping eyes on the road ahead.

The HUD easily attaches to a bicycle helmet and comes with a mobile phone app, which enables users to connect their phone to the HUD. With the potential of integrating this device into the delivery-bike workplace I hope to reduce the number of incidents from bike riders and increase their safety on the road.

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Andree Mackenzie

Title of Major Work: Australian souvenirs focused on architecture and modern design

My major work is a line of tea towels to be used as Australian souvenirs. Identified in my project was the oversaturation of cheap souvenirs with a lack of aesthetic value.

My project aimed to fulfill this need for souvenirs focused around modern design. To achieve this I utilised textile art and photo manipulation.

In the tea towels I showcased features of Australian architecture to identify this area of underrepresentation in common souvenirs. Specifically I chose the terrace house as that is an integral aspect of Australian architecture often overshadowed by landmarks such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

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Jak Sidwell

Title of Major Work: Sydney Trains accessibility information app

My Major Design Project is a mobile application that provides users with information on the degree of accessibility infrastructure available at Sydney Train stations. The app is targeted towards people with physical disabilities and people using mobility aids such as wheelchairs and crutches that restrict their access to transport services.

My aim is to improve the experience of using the Sydney Train service in response to the lack of infrastructure across most of Sydney’s stations. With the introduction of my app I would hope to empower those limited by their physical conditions and disabilities in making informed choices on where they would like to travel with greater convenience.

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Nicholas Strafiotis

Title of Major Work: Portable massage tool for the forearm muscles

In my experience as a rock climber, there is one issue that has a big impact on people in the sport. With continued climbing, often the forearms of the climber tense up and this makes bouldering sessions a lot more difficult to continue. When climbing with tense forearms it can limit the range of motion of the body and can reduce a person’s performance.

The aim of my major design project was to create a massage device that combats these issues, relieves muscle tension in the user’s arms and allows them to continue with their activity. This problem does not just occur in climbing but can happen in other sports and activities, so my product is able to be utilised by a wider target market as well.

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Otis Taylor

Title of Major Work: Multilingual beach safety video

Australia is known for its luxurious beaches and summer-based culture of surfing, swimming, tanning and relaxing on the sand. Although there are systems put in place to help keep the community safe at beaches, they cater heavily towards English speakers and some tourists are put at risk. In 2018, 249 people drowned in Australia, 25 per cent being people born overseas.

As Australia’s tourism rates are on the rise, our waters are becoming more and more of a threat to people who can’t understand the language, symbols, colours and signs that are supposed to educate people on how to stay safe at the beach. My project takes form as a multilingual beach safety animation, aimed to help reduce this concerning number of deaths at Australian beaches.

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