Zooming to new scientific horizons!

Year 11 students were joined by UTS lecturer and Deep Biotech Hub representative Dr Alexandra Thomson for an informative zoom session exploring innovative biotechnologies.

Speaking via Zoom in the Bibliothèque during National Science Week, Dr Thomson spoke about the variety of microalgae species that have been on Earth since early life evolved, and the many ways that algae are being researched.

Since Alex also lectures Biology at UTS, she was able to share valuable advice to the students about ways to approach their studies of Science, such as looking for internships that are not always readily promoted.

“She shared her own story that her job did not exist five years ago, so this could be the very same situation for our own students,” Science teacher Josephine Somers said.

“The job they may have in the future might not even exist now.

“Always look for ways to extend yourself and be different from other scientists around you.”