Zoe Varga: Distant memory

“I want to be an instigator in the future of Indigenous Australian rights and freedoms, and education and perspective are necessary aspects of that,” Zoe Varga said.

Zoe said she has enjoyed learning about the socioeconomic factors improving or debilitating Indigenous health, and the comparative studies on international Indigenous communities.

“Exploring a global community and recognising those issues in modern society, (and where they originated from) are so important and key to improvement,” she said.

“I wanted to explore the invasion of Australia through a visual medium of landscapes. By stripping back my processes and constructing analysis through my individual perspective and that of Indigenous artists, I wanted to educate myself and portray that process.

“I aimed to generate an artwork that allowed for a constructive view of the permanent changes made to our landscapes, and the room for growth within my own limited perspective.”

Zoe used natural materials including wood, inks, carvings and paper to illustrate visual cues of a three-dimensional landscape.

“The process was strenuous and moderately difficult but ultimately I was proud of my final product.”