Zero waste food and jazz vibes for community celebration

With the City's skyline as the perfect backdrop, IGS was pleased to welcome the IGS community to the School's rooftop for the recent Welcome Event for IGS parents and caregivers.

“It was wonderful to welcome parents new and returning to IGS for the 2020 academic year and to enjoy our spectacular rooftop as the venue for this start of the year celebration,” IGS Principal Shauna Colnan said.

IGS Parents, Teachers and Friends (PTF) President Andrea Belunek also welcomed staff, parents and caregivers, new and continuing.

Director of Advancement Julia Glass said the atmosphere was comparable to that of a New York rooftop, with sublime jazz tunes from musicians of the Sydney Jazz Collective.

IGS was pleased to collaborate with Dan the Man catering company for this event.

“They achieved B Corp certification in November 2017 and set themselves the challenge of being Australia’s first zero waste to landfill event caterer by 2018. This year they started offering waste audits and mentorship to help other businesses in the events industry get to zero,” Julia said.

PTF President Andrea Belunek said the Welcome Event is one of her favourite events of the year.
“It is a rare opportunity for parents and teachers from across the whole school to engage in a relaxed environment with the sole purpose of “getting to know each other”,” she said.

“The essence of the IGS Community is the willingness of parents, teachers and staff to come together to support our kids. That is the key purpose of the PTF. I would encourage every parent and caregiver at IGS to get involved. No matter how much or how little time you may have to contribute, it is always appreciated. Click on the links in IGS Notices for details about how you can volunteer at the School.

“Thank you to all the teachers and staff for attending the event after what is always a very busy start to the school year.”

Andrea also wished to thank the wonderful parent volunteers who make up the PTF Committee.

“They remind me that the greatest gift is to “give back” to your community.”