Zara Lily Upfold: Accountability: Assessing the connection between government ideology and Indigenous recidivism rates in NSW prisons

“I was very interested in the treatment of Aboriginal people in Australia as well as Australia’s shared histories,” Zara Lily Upfold said.

“I thought that by taking Aboriginal Studies, I would be able to learn more about the contextual factors shaping the world around me. And using that knowledge, I would be able to understand and connect with as many Australians as possible, better.”

Zara said that each lesson has shaken her perception of Non-Indigenous culture and broadened her perception of Indigenous culture.

“Learning about concepts such as ethnocentrism has been enlightening. And learning about Connection to Country and Native Title has greatly developed my learning.

“My Major Project is an essay that argues that the NSW Prison System is not benefitting Aboriginal People, that it is in fact, doing the opposite. In the essay, I deconstruct three key government purposes of sentencing, proving why they are not being applied correctly. The essay also provides a mix of perspectives as well as advice on how to change.”

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