Younger students keen to undertake Aboriginal Studies

Six keen Year 10 IGS students are racing ahead with the opportunity to sit their HSC in Aboriginal Studies.

The students, who are independent workers who thrive on challenges and fast-paced learning, will complete 24 hours of the course by the end of this year, the equivalent of three terms of work.

“This newly offered compression course is an opportunity for Year 10 students to begin their preliminary studies in Aboriginal Studies in Week 6 of Term 4,” said Academic Mentor – Indigenous Students and Stage 6 Aboriginal Studies Teacher Jade Carr.

“They will complete their HSC course the following year, a year ahead of their cohort.”

IGS introduced the popular Aboriginal Studies course for senior students in 2017.

“It contains a lot of really interesting content,” said student David. “The subject and the culture are topics you can look at from a lot of different perspectives.

“There are a lot of myths, such as the one that Aboriginal people were simply nomadic and didn’t have agriculture. The evidence says otherwise.”

Student Anya agreed. “I had no idea about all of the things we’ve been learning,” she said. 

The School offers two scholarships to Aboriginal children from Kindergarten each year, runs a Koori Club  with valued ambassadors for more than 20 IGS students who are Indigenous, and started a Wiradjuri Club earlier this year.

The activities are another expression of the IGS motto Unity Through Diversity.