Young robotics enthusiasts enter new league

Earlier this week our “Mini rIGS” team (whose name stems from the High School rIGS team) went to Abbotsleigh School to compete for the first time at the First LEGO League.

“The team have been preparing for this competition since Term 2 and put forth a tremendous effort on the day, exceeding the goals they set for themselves in the robotics competition,” said IGS Primary Studies Coordinator and STEAM Innovator Michelle Sullivan.

“We look forward to returning in 2019 with some of our experienced members and many new ones.”

The team of Years 5 and 6 students were judged in robotics challenges and entered a project that would help space travel. They also had to answer questions that tested how well the team embodied the core values of the competition.

“We had loads of fun and it was a great learning experience,” said Madeleine Hayen of Year 6.

“The competition helped us all to learn how to work together as a team,” added Yashar Kizek of Year 5.