Young entrepreneurs give back

IGS Siblings Margot of Year 1 Gold and Oscar of Year 3 Gold felt inspired to help the community during COVID-19.

The students set up their own website Epic Ideas for Kids where they write reviews about fun things they have been doing while at home.

“Oscar came up with the name and we thought it was a good idea to write all about epic things other kids could do while they are at home too,” Margot said.

While their Mum built the website, the siblings got down to business, writing lots of reviews over the weekend.

“We chose the pictures and videos and mum put them online. We went on the internet on Sunday and we first told our grandparents and families. We will keep writing new reviews to put on there.

“We reviewed fun things we have been doing while we have been at home during the virus.”

Margot and Oscar are also using the website as an opportunity to fundraise for charities Lifeline, OzHarvest and Barnados.

“It is a lot of money but we hope to get $200 for our charities. If we raised that, that would be 400 meals for people with no food, or eight people who can call Lifeline and speak to someone about their feelings and problems. “