‘Young Curators’ experience art

Eleven IGS Visual Arts students are learning firsthand from artist McLean Edwards about the world of art as they prepare to stage an exhibition of his works in October.

The team recently visited Edwards’ studio.

IGS students visiting McLean Edwards' studio
IGS students visiting McLean Edwards’ studio

“The idea is they will curate a show in October,” said Director of Art and Design Craig Malyon.

“Between the visit and the show they will come to learn about both the artist’s practice and the art world in terms exhibitions, promotion, and critical writing,” 

IGS students at McLean Edwards' studio
IGS students at McLean Edwards’ studio

Young Curators allows them to:

  • work with a leading Australian visual artist to host an art exhibition at the School
  • work as a curatorial team to research, develop, select and stage the exhibition, providing valuable insights into various
    perspectives of the creative art industry
  • attend the artist’s studio to learn about how artworks are created and develop a theme for the curated show
  • possibly attend commercial gallery shows or other exhibitions.

The project, developed by 3:33 Art Projects Director Max Germanos, is expected to take several months, culminating in an exhibition at IGS.