Young Change Agents

IGS students recently collaborated with others to brainstorm community problems and solutions.

The students, from Year 5, collaborated with students from Newington College to compete in the Young Change Agents.

Young Change Agents’ social entrepreneurship programs help youth to see problems as opportunities.

Students participated in teams to identify problems in their communities, then pitch ideas to a panel of judges.

Students discussed what community meant to them and worked to identify problems and create a vision for the future they want to create.

Community problems identified by youth included:

  • Pollution and climate change
  • Lack of accessibility for people with disabilities and the elderly in public spaces
  • Lack of health education
  • Youth isolation and loneliness
  • Youth mental health problems
  • Different treatment of men and women in sport
  • Destruction of animal habitats
  • Lack of support for people who are homeless.

We congratulate IGS team members Siya, Jakov, Spike, Jalen, Oscar, Henry, Daisy, Ulysses, Chloe, Matteo and Bronte.