Young change agents buddy up

Year 5 students were excited to use Skype to meet fellow students and compare and contrast their schools.

They were preparing to take part in a program run by Young Change Agents, a not for profit social enterprise focused on developing the mindset, skillset and toolset of youth aged 10 to 21.

The organisation aims to amplify youth ideas, equip young people for their future careers and empower them to create their own pathways.

Here’s how IGS Year 5 students described their introduction to their partner school:

We’re counting down the seconds until we can finally skype with Year 5 from our mystery school.

Hmmm… which school is it going to be? Finally, after a long wait we’re on the skype with Newington!

The task was to choose a landmark from around the world. The class was split into small groups, between 3 and 5 people. We all understood that the point was to have fun and meet new people. Everyone had lots of fun playing the game.

We learnt a lot about different landmarks, learning styles and learning spaces. Compared to IGS, they had different learning resources. Their school is outside the city centre whereas ours is in the middle of the busy city. Our school is coeducational and theirs is a boys’ school.

Something that we have in common is that we both have the opportunity to learn different languages. The Young Change agents are coming up in Term 3. We are really excited to do more with Newington in Term 3!

By Audrey, Daisy , Chloe, Charlie and Siya.