Year 9 students consider others

Year 9 volunteers are helping fellow students think of others.

The students took up the invitation of Head Girl Grace Truman, a B Kinder Day ambassador, to prepare packs of cards for each Tutor Group to fill out and send on 16 June.

Emma: We will be encouraging students to think of others whose lives are different to ours.

Isabel: I’m happy to help out.

Gemma: I think the cards are a really great idea to support happiness in the community and be really grateful. It’s an opportunity to make friends and tell people how important they are to you.

A student added: I think it’s a really good way to express how grateful we are. We don’t always stop and think how lucky we are to receive respect and understanding. Something as simple as a smile can brighten someone’s day. It’s nice how we don’t understand how far a gesture like this can reach. It’s about getting the kind messages out there.