Year 9 explore advertising techniques

Year 9 Commerce students have begun working on their advertisements for Young Enterprise Day.

“Students have been studying advertising techniques for the unit on promoting and selling,” Humanities Teacher Gareth Douse said.

Gareth said there were some great examples of Beautiful Work, such as SLAMM Beauty, and Retro.

Year 9 students Amy, Sia and Miniku have enjoyed creating their ad for SLAMM Beauty.


“We included the seven ingredients for a great ad which we learnt about in class,” they said.

“The seven ingredients include to empathise with the customer’s problem and solve their problem; create an emotional connection; talk about benefits (not features); speak to your niche (audience); avoid waffle; be factual; have a call to action, and make it feel native; and have the right platform. These ingredients can be seen in our ad

“We first planned out our ad and how would going to include the seven ingredients, then we made our script and created the ad on biteable.”

Enjoy our students Beautiful Work below.