Year 9 connect with community

Year 9 students have sent heartfelt letters and cards to hospital, police and nursing home staff across Sydney.

The initiative is part of the Year 9 Connect Program. Students sent in messages of support to healthcare workers, police, paramedics and nursing homes.

“Throughout this pandemic, Year 9, like every other year group has had to adapt, learn and evolve, and this has been not only for their learning, but for any engagement inside and outside of the school community,” IGS Teacher Lawrance Hunting said.

“The Year 9 Connect Project was originally designed for our Year 9 students to connect face-to-face with our local communities; however, due to COVID, our students have adapted.

“They have written to or designed artwork for our local communities, in order to show our support and an undeniable willingness to connect, especially with people who desperately need it.

“Our students have thrived and have shown tremendous amounts of compassion and empathy, in so many forms.”

Here is a short video that highlights the intergenerational connection program IGS has been running and the art/letter initiative.