Year 8 continue exploring Sydney’s history

Year 8 students on The Rocks Quest enjoyed learning about significant changes in Sydney’s history on Thursday, before visiting the Big Dig Archaeological Education Centre.

“It’s about unearthing the different layers of history of the place and using it as a microcosm of Sydney and Australian history,” Humanities teacher John said. 

With Sydney Harbour as their backdrop, students reflected on their learning from earlier in the week through drawing. 

“They have been drawing the change from old to new, the different land uses of the rocks, and indigenous history,” John said.

Students Tara and Lucy drew the Rocks in a way that “showed how it has changed through time, and the impact of tourism”.

Nell said: “I really enjoyed the trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art on Monday. It was nice to see the different perspectives of Australia.”

Later in the day, students went to the Big Dig Archaeological Education Centre.

Students participated in three activities, including a tour, analysing objects and examining primary historical sources. 

The guide encouraged them to thinking of key social everyday challenges faced every day by colonial Sydney compared to some of the ancient cities or worlds students had studied in school.

One example was rubbish disposal.

“Archaeology is said to be the science of rubbish,” she said.

“Just by looking at rubbish you can tell the type of lives these people lived or the role they played, their working life and the occupation they had.”