Year 7 students creative with film making

Year 7 German students have enjoyed making films during Term 3.

IGS German Teacher Britta Galfetti said students created a short film on the topic “at the restaurant,” applying the vocabulary and structures taught in class.

“Their story also needed to have a twist, something all students enjoyed,” she said.

The three film groups, die sauren Wassermelonen, die Kokosnüsse and die Schwarzwälderkirschtorten enjoyed collaborating. 

“Creating the script and filming was very fun. learning the lines was the hardest,” Phileas of Year 7 said.

“We went through them many times until we got it right. When we were all concentrating, we worked exceptionally well as a group.”

“The best thing was when we did the filming. It felt real, like we were making an actual movie,” Teheke said.