Year 7 learn about classification of animals at Taronga Zoo

Year 7 recently spent the day at Taronga Zoo Sydney, adding to their understanding of Biology, classification of living organisms and Australian animals.

At Taronga’s Institute of Science and Learning, students were taken into the centre’s new immersive habitat classroom, where they had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a spiny leaf stick insect, a tree frog and other creatures.

Year 7 student Gemma said her favourite part of the excursion was seeing the animals inside the habitat classroom.

“It was exactly like the habitat they would be in,” she said.

Students Luke, Rory and John said their favourite part was seeing the gibbons and meerkats.   



Inside the habitat classroom, students were talked through the most abundant animals that are likely found in woodland, invertebrates.

“They are called that because they don’t have a backbone, they have an exoskeleton,” the teacher said.

“We never really see them because they are right at the top of the trees.”

Students were able to closely observe a spiny leaf insect, camouflaging itself to look like a curled up leaf.