Year 6 welcomes academics from China

Year 6 IGS students were eager to share their progressing Independent Research Tasks (IRT) with a group of 30 academics visiting from various universities in the Jilin province of Northern China.

“The visit was a wonderful opportunity for the Chinese academics to observe a junior school classroom while visiting Australia,” said IGS Primary Teacher and Digital Innovator David Smith who arranged the visit with UTS Insearch Head English Teacher David Richardson.

The visitors were highly impressed with the standard of work of our students, and particularly their IRT research and choice of topics.


Our students asked the Chinese academics about their lives and schooling in China, and were interested in expanding their language skills.

“This group were very interested in visiting Australia to learn more about our education, environment and culture,” David Richardson said.

“They were all very happy to be here, and hope that one day some IGS students may wish to visit their towns.”


The academics, who teach in fields such as business, law, IT, tourism and food science, were specially selected to come to Sydney for 10 weeks, to learn about teaching methods in Australia, and further their language studies in English.

“I hope this is the first of many opportunities where future visits can happen between the UTS Insearch students and International Grammar School,” Mr Smith said.