Year 6 take on IRT deep learning challenge

The Independent Research Task (IRT) is the centrepiece of project based learning for Year 6 students at IGS.

Using diverse skills gained throughout their Primary School education, they select an area of passion in Term 2 and go on to create six main components:

  • an information report that answers their overriding question through various sub questions
  • an original narrative based on their topic area
  • a Fine Arts piece that reflects their research
  • a thorough bibliography
  • an IRT Journal that contains reflections on their IRT journey
  • a creative Google Slides presentation
  • an optional extra review based on a text that is connected with their chosen topic.

The IRT journey allows students to further their academic growth, work independently, enhance their organisational skills, test their time management skills and explore areas they are passionate about, and even become ambassadors for change.

Some of this year’s IRT topics included:

  • How does agriculture affect the environment?
  • How can we save the world’s oceans from pollution?
  • How have and will robots change the world?
  • Has “Bush Tucker” evolved into the Australian diet?
  • What is sign language?
  • How has the evolution of LEGO changed children’s lives?


Students meet one on one with their teacher throughout the two terms and discuss how they are coping and where they see themselves going.

Year 6 student Erika Bilek said the most rewarding part of the project was taking responsibility for the finished products.

“You can’t say that another person did the work for you,” she said. “You did it all by yourself, because they are all different”.

Parents, caregivers, staff and fellow students all gained insight into myriad diverse topics.