Year 6 IRT projects on show

The Year 6 IRT Projects are now on display in the School Library.

The students immersed themselves in their personal interest research topics for a term, undergoing their own inter-disciplinary research and creating impressive presentations and major works.

Students explored ideas they are passionate about, including Greek Gods, coral bleaching, dogs, eco-friendly homes, autism and more.

Mia asked the question “How can I live to be 100?” and used lenticular artwork to allow the viewer to see two different pictures.

Audrey asked the question, “Do vaccinations really work?”

“I found lots of arguments and wanted to know more,” she said.

Logan researched “Who are the 12 Greek Gods that sit on Olympus and how did they come to be”.

“Two years ago my aunt gave me a book,” he said. “I remembered that book when choosing my topic. I’m also part Greek, so that added to my interest.”

Tommy, who created a spear from research about Sparta, wanted to know “Why were the Spartans so successful?”.

Lachlan, who created a shield from Captain America, explored the history of comics.

“I really like comics,” Lachlan said. “It was fun to research.”

Imani explored the question, “How has fashion evolved?”

Charli researched coral bleaching as part of her project.

“In the June, July holidays I went to the Great Barrier Reef. I decided it would be cool to learn more about coral bleaching,” she said.

What other students had to say about their IRT project:

Kylie: Do people see the world in the same way?
“I’ve always been interested in vision and the way the eyes work.”

Gisela: How does deforestation affect society?
“I grew up with nature and I’m really interested in sustainability.”