Year 5 Tokyo Olympics Challenge

During the Tokyo Olympics, IGS Languages Teacher Noriko Yamanaka set up her own challenge for her Year 5 Japanese students.

The project, which ran for three weeks, asked students to create their own Olympic themed ideas at home, while learning about Japanese language, culture and history.

“The first challenge was to create a Tokyo Olympic pictogram using the concept of ‘appear, static, disappear’. This idea was inspired by the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony that brought all 50 pictograms of the Olympic sports to life,” Noriko said.

“The second challenge was to create a Japanese kite and film themselves outdoors moving and flying the kite. For their outdoor imagery, the students could draw on the Tokyo Olympic theme song Kite for ideas, including movement and singing.

“The third challenge was to create their own Tokyo Olympic logo using a Japanese pattern called ‘Kumi ichi matsumon’ (組一松紋). This design was created in the Edo period (1603 to 1868) and used the traditional Japanese indigo blue colour ‘Aiiro’ (藍色).”

Year 5 students are looking forward to more weekly challenges.