Cultural joy for Year 5 Japanese students

Year 5 Japanese students have been immersed in learning about festivals and celebrations.

Students will explore this topic throughout Term 4.

Their teacher, Machiko Sensei said students have been busy learning about matsuri (festivals) in Japan as well as the expressions used to purchase food and participate in games.

“In order to use the language, students have been learning in a more purposeful and meaningful way,” she said.

Year 5 Japanese students recently went on an excursion to the Japanese Foundation and engaged in a variety of different activities there, including trying on a kimono, worn in summer.

“Following the instructions, they tried it on, helping each other,” Machiko Sensei said.

“They gave compliments such as ‘kawaii’, which means ‘cute’, and ‘kakkoii’, which means ‘cool’.”

Students also participated in a role-play exercise, using the phrases and expressions they have learned.

“They enjoyed playing typical Japanese festival games such as yoyo tsuri, suupaa booru sukui, wanage, and omikuji.

“Taking turns, they played the role of the shop assistant and customer,” she said.

“Shop assistants called out ‘irasshai!’ to grab the customers’ attention, while customers asked, ‘hitotsu kudasai’.”

Students reflected on the experience, and said “Tanoshikatta desu”, meaning “It was fun”.