Year 5 explore Sydney Zoo virtually

While learning remotely, Year 5 students participated in an online incursion with Sydney Zoo.

In line with the Science Topic ‘Adaptation’, Louie of Sydney Zoo guided students through explanations using several animals from the zoo.

“The students enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experiences with Louie about these animals,” Year 5 Teacher Jessica Price said.

“Some of our students even had these animals as pets and could give information about how to care for them.”

“The students were treated to presentations on Australian Stick Insects, a Shingle Back Lizard, a Bearded Dragon and finally a lovely Simpsons Python.”

Olivia said: “I thought the incursion was different and interesting. I would like to have another one.”

Alexander said: “I enjoyed learning about different reptiles.”

As part of the program, the zoo provided several high-quality videos of other animals within the zoo. Each video discussed the adaptations of the animal and how the zookeepers provided the right environment.

Through these videos, children met the otters and meerkats and then thought about what they would provide in an enclosure to keep them entertained and healthy.