Year 5 and Early Learning Japanese enjoy learning together

Year 5 students and Early Learning children had a great time enjoying "natsumaturi" (summer festival) recently.

Students practised phrases used for natsumari to purchase food and enjoyed fun activities such as ring toss and goldfish scooping.

Year 5 students were also busy making food items such as takoyaki, ringoame, wataame, chokobanana using craft materials and making posters.

Teacher Machiko Sensei said the students and children couldn’t hide their excitement as they walked in the learning
space set up as natsumaturi yatai.

“Each Year 5 student paired up with a preschooler and took them around the yatai,” she said.

“At first the students were a bit shy but as they spent time together, they began to establish good
relationships, sharing a fun time together.

“The Year 5 students assisted preschoolers, asking them what they want to do and asked them to repeat phrases in Japanese after them to order food.”

Year 5 students said “「たのしかったです!!」”