Year 4 create their dream green home

Year 4 students were abuzz with creativity last week as they continued to plan their own dream green home. 

Year 4 Teacher Teresa said the students were enjoying the task of keeping it environmentally friendly.

Students were mentored by visiting UTS Design students who shared ideas about sketching, floor plans and elevations.

Students Stella and Elise said their dream green home, The forest house, would feature two water tanks, six solar panels and a recycling system in the garage.

“The two water tanks will be used for all the water in the house,” Stella said.

As for the recycling system, the girls plan to recycle all plastic bottles, cans and paper and “once it is filled up we take it to the return and earn.”

Other ideas?

Ivy: I have one light in the whole house because there’s lots of glass and windows.
Isabella: My home is a treehouse.