Year 3 learns about Sea Shepherd

Year 3 students were visited by a representative of Sea Shepherd this week who spoke to students about the importance of looking after our oceans.

Sea Shepherd Australia is a non-profit conservation organisation with a mission to end the destruction of habitat and  wildlife in the world’s oceans.

Year 3 Teacher David said some of the discussion points included:

– The abundance of plastic waste in the ocean killing wildlife and disrupting life cycles

– Over fishing and the killing of sharks and whales

– The interconnections of our ecosystems. For example, without plankton in oceans, humans would not have enough oxygen to survive

– The things we can do to help including, using bamboo straws (not plastic ones), reusable shopping bags, composting, recycling, growing our own vegetables, and helping clean up a beach.

David thanked the representative, adding that the visit was very exciting for the students, as the points of discussion related to the Term 3 integrated topic on the rainforest and the importance of conserving and reducing deforestation.