Year 2 Japanese explore folk stories

Continuing their understanding of the Term 3 topic Water, Year 2 Japanese students explored a well-known Japanese folk story.

Students had the opportunity to create a play of the story of “Urashima Taro” (The boy who went to undersea palace), and presented their pieces via Zoom.

“The children explored the topic of water in many different ways,” Languages Teacher Noriko said.

“They created sound effects for the play by using household items, such as moving rice in an empty bottle to make the sound of waves, and also with movement and song. 

“The children also experienced how to use their voice effectively and with expression according to their scene in Japanese so that we could add a dramatic element.

“Each student was responsible for each scene and created an undersea poster and props, such as paper puppets.

“I was fascinated to see the children’s creative ideas, such as us blowing bubbles for the undersea scene and using blue and white kitchen towel to represent the waves.”

Noriko said the students created beautiful work, and she particularly loved their idea to move Urashima Taro and turtle, the two main character puppets, between blue cardboard and the kitchen towel waves. Noriko said it created a beautiful effect, where the boy and the turtle disappeared into the sea.

“It was wonderful that we could create something together even though we are apart. The students enjoyed both the process of creating this drama and then actually putting it all together for the presentation,” she said.

“The Year 2 Japanese students are looking forward to doing this performance when we return to the classroom in Term 4.”