All IGS Year 12 Drama students and teachers must take a bow

Every member of the IGS Year 12 Drama class has been nominated for inclusion in HSC Drama showcase OnSTAGE for their group performances, and some for the individual performances as well!

Warmest congratulations to the whole class for their talent and teamwork, from Principal Shauna Colnan on behalf of the IGS community, and from the IGS Board. 

We congratulate Maxine Baker, Beau Di Orazio, Elena Kokkaris, Felix O’Donnell and Christina Vlotis for their performances in Yassou Yia Yia.

With them, we congratulate Elise Brennan, Henry Brown, Lucca Buonamano, Otis Connor and Bella-Soleil Mistry for their performances in No More Baked Beans.

And we congratulate Anika Campbell, Ruby Goold, Zachary Mekler, Blake Mountford, Paloma Otano Hawkins and Henry Poole for their performances in Blind Faith.

Yet further congratulations are due to our students who received nominations for their individual performances. They are Otis Connor for Having a Share from Ruben Guthrie; Ruby Goold for The Vicar’s Wife from Bed Among the Lentils, Henry Poole for Butch Honeywell from The Last Days of Judas Iscariot and Christina Vlotis for Wild Thing from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“OnSTAGE is a showcase of some of the most outstanding HSC Drama performances and projects in NSW,” said IGS Principal Shauna Colnan.

“These extraordinary results can only be achieved when students have extraordinary teachers who selflessly and creatively give their all to their students.”

Ms Colnan added her thanks and congratulations to each student.

“It’s lovely when all the hard work pays off in these and in so many other ways!” she said.

“This should give you all such confidence as you move towards the HSC! I’m so happy for you all! Enjoy this moment! You deserve it!”

We warmly congratulate Zachary Mekler for his subsequent inclusion in HSC Drama Showcase OnSTAGE.


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