Year 12 Design students dive deep into Major Design Project

Design and Technology students dived deep into their research questions during their HSC Conference workshop led by IGS Teacher Ksenija as part of the Welcome to Year 12 2020 Week.

Senior IGS Design students are preparing to begin their major design projects.

Design and Technology Teacher Ksenija ran a workshop aimed at supporting students in preparation for the HSC course, including strategies to commence their project, followed by a more hands-on session.

“This is the initial stage where students are generating ideas and planning, looking ahead at the year,” Ksenija said.

Ksenija inspired her students to think deeply about their major projects, and encouraged them to continue to ask questions.

“Remember to have curiosity and enthusiasm,” she told her students.

“This is your baby.”

Students were divided into groups. They examined a research question and were asked to write down as many possible questions to challenge it.

Ksenija said students loved having a large chunk of time to work on one subject and really focus on it, “as well as get another perspective on their major design work.”

“They appreciated the workshop setting of the day as it allowed them to collaborate in a different way to the classroom.”