Year 12 class of 2020 ‘springboards’ ahead

Deputy Principal Academic Operations Lisa Kelliher, with co-head of Year 12 Ned Manning and Tim Lester welcomed the new Year 12 Class of 2020 into their study space on Friday of Week 5.

 The special welcome lunch followed a week of carefully curated series of lectures, tutorials, and presentations, aimed at deepening students’ understanding of their HSC subjects.

“You were really focused and attentive. It was wonderful to observe fantastic note-taking and students getting the best that they could out of this week,” Lisa said.

“I am thankful for everybody who participated in organising this week for you, so that you could dive into your learning, acquire information from people inside and outside of IGS and use this week as a springboard of knowledge and motivation for what you’re going to do for the rest of the year.

“We hope your approach this week is indicative of how you’re going to approach the rest of your HSC.”