Year 12 buddy up with Kindy for special zoo visit

It was a sentimental visit to Taronga Zoo for the graduating class of 2019 this week, who went to the zoo with the Class of 2007 when they were in Kindergarten.

The Kindergarten students were delighted to have Year 12 buddies with them as they explored different parts of Taronga Zoo together.

It was one of a series of exciting events for Year 12 during their final week of formal schooling at IGS. 

Kindergarten Teacher Alex said it was a special experience for the Year 12 cohort, who went to the Zoo with the graduating class when they were in Kindergarten.

“I think for Year 12, it’s eye-opening to look after Kindy and it’s a nice way to end the year because they are going back to the zoo, they can remember their first trip,” she said.

“Kindy enjoy meeting the Year 12 students and they just have a really good day.

“It’s all about building friendships and connections.”

At the start of the day, Kindy Green were so excited to be buddied up with Year 12, with some gasping with excitement when they arrived to their classroom.

Xavier brought along his binoculars to better investigate giraffes.

Rena said she was excited to see the seal show with her buddy Jean.

Xanthia said she wanted to see the tigers because it’s her brother’s favourite animal.

Year 12 student Ruby said she enjoyed seeing all the animals and having a fun time with her new Kindergarten friend Margot.