Year 11 student tops State in two HSC subjects

IGS student Maxim Adams scored first place in both Italian Continuers and Ukrainian in the 2015 HSC.

And, he still has a good shot at more top results, having only just completed Year 11!

Also an accelerant Year 11 student in Mathematics (one of a class of over 15 at IGS), Maxim could be forgiven for thinking of resting on his laurels but this is not at all likely. He has several other challenging subjects he is passionate about for 2016 and has even kept up his Chinese language skills, presenting the Chinese dialogue at the School’s 2015 Speech Night at the State Theatre. Furthermore, he has added responsibilities …

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan announced that same evening that Maxim was elected Head Boy for 2016 – a popular choice and met with much applause for the quiet achiever.

Ms Colnan said that today’s news of Maxim’s success bears testament to IGS’s focus on immersion in languages and other cultures from an early age.

As for Maxim, he says that it is “incredibly thrilling and humbling to come first in these subjects”.

“We often think of learning a language as a huge and impossible task, but this makes me realise that time and patience truly can allow you to do anything,” Maxim said.

“If anything, these results make me all the more keen to continue studying languages. I’m very grateful for all the support from the School, particularly from the excellent teachers, throughout my time at IGS”.

Ms Colnan added “It’s an amazing achievement for Maxim but in many ways it’s not surprising”.

“IGS is equipping our students to be world ready and we embrace personal achievement as one of our main core values.”

“And it is an apt time to announce that IGS decided this year to introduce Chinese into the Early Learning program from 2017, following a strong interest from both native-speaking families and those new to the Chinese language.”

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