Year 11 student Grace accelerates to HSC success!

IGS 2021 Head Girl Grace Truman who sat two HSC subjects early, with tremendous results.

In search of excitement, a challenge, and a practice run, then Year 11 student Grace Truman decided to embark on the accelerated pathway at IGS that allowed her to sit her German Continuers and Mathematics Advanced HSC exams early. 

I’m really grateful that I could get a taste of what the HSC exams are like and understand how to pace yourself and study strategies that work,” said Grace, who is now serving as 2021 IGS Head Girl.

“It was a really exciting challenge.” 

Grace said she was both blown away and excited to find out that she had achieved a score of 98 in the Mathematics Advanced course and a 96 in German Continuers. 

Grace believed it was her enjoyment of the content and how much she learned that really motivated her to keep going throughout such a challenging year. 

When asked what advice she would give to the next Year 11 students thinking about taking the accelerated pathway Grace said, “stay interested in what you’re learning, don’t focus on the marks too much, just enjoy the process of learning, that’s when you get the most out of it and appreciate it”. 

Grace said she wished to congratulate all the other students who were able to complete some HSC subjects.

Well done, Grace!