Year 11 Geography: Ely Fulton

Project topic: The bushfires In Kangaroo Valley

“From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, Australia faced an unprecedented bushfire crisis, nothing the country has ever seen before,” Ely said.

“In under a couple of months, over 18 million hectares of land were decimated nation-wide, around 2,400 houses destroyed, approximately 1 billion animals and their habitats engulfed by the fires and an economic damage burden accumulated over $4.4 billion.” 

As part of his Project, Ely sent out a questionnaire to three different audiences: Students at the International Grammar School (IGS) in Ultimo; residents from Kangaroo Valley; and the Kangaroo Valley volunteer bush fire brigade.

“The questionnaires revolved around the way the fire season has impacted the responders and their answers have been transcribed and converted into research,” Ely said.

Read his report here.