Year 11 Geography: Annie Millar

Project topic: The extreme summer and the Australian psyche

“Arguably, the 2019 Australian summer has been the most horrific and devastating time in modern Australian history. The largest wildfires Australia has ever seen resulted in the loss of thirty-three human lives, over a million animal deaths and thousands of perished homes and communities,” Annie said.

“Then came the extreme, immense heavy flooding. With people throwing all sorts of allegations about why these extreme events took place and what their impact has been, a thorough investigation into these matters seemed important and compelling.”

“The primary sources of data were generated by a broad range of responses from over 60  participants who provided answers to two surveys which were custom designed to address the specific inquiries in this study,” she said.

“The secondary sources were drawn from published research produced by credible government, scientific and news agencies. In this regard, the
study’s research methods, results and findings may reasonably consider both reliable and valid.”

Her report looks to understand why Australians think our summer has been like this, and whether they think it was due to climate change.

Read her project report here.