Year 11 explore ‘still life’

Year 11 Visual Arts students have been exploring the classical genres of "still life" and "vanitas" in their recent artmaking.

“Symbolic representations of human mortality and our vain pursuits were the focus of this creative exploration,” said Director of Art and Design Drew Bickford.

Drew congratulated his students, who investigated these themes with originality.

“Photography, painting, drawing and ceramics featured in the creative practices of Year 11, with technical skills and a focus on classical compositions at the fore of each student’s works,” he said.

“Although vanitas is historically a sombre art genre, Year 11 approached the creative task with great enthusiasm and good humour, in many cases. Skulls, dead animals, candles and the spectre of death were present in their works as students acknowledged the Dutch still life masters with a youthful and ironic twist.”

Congratulations to students Aimee Charles, Amelia Maresh, Elke Krassoi, Florens de Groot, Grace Mercer, Lulu Crisci-Donnelly, Niamh Brand, Sofia Erolu, Vivienne Laura and Will Smith.